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All my life I’ve never liked using the dishwasher. Washing up by hand after cooking for one or after a meal with five others at home is something I much rather do and in fact, do every single day.


Most people around me baulk at my refusal to use the dishwasher. You eat your food in comfort at home, throw the dishes and cutlery in the dishwasher, turn it on, the mess and grime washes away. You don’t need to spend time washing up.


I’ve only used the dishwasher a handful of times in my life. Whenever I did, I felt l there are so many better reasons to wash up by hand.


Here are seven reasons why I don’t use the dishwasher at home.


1. Washing by hand saves time and money


A sink filled with dirty dishes is a lovely moist breeding bacteria ground. Growing up Chinese, I was taught to be a neat-freak like other stereotypical Chinese families. My upbringing included no wearing shoes at home, wrapping the remote control with plastic so as to keep it new and bleaching bathroom tiles once a week.


3. Not everything fits


As mentioned earlier, not everything can or should be fit in the dishwasher. Definitely hard to fit a wok in the dishwasher without compromising room for other crockery if at all a wok can fit. Hot water corrodes non-stick parts of pans and warps wooden chopping boards, and high temperatures can cause knife handles to become unglued.


4. Cleaner dishes by hand

4. 手洗餐具

Sometimes dishes come out of a dishwasher cycle still greasy with stains still intact and white residue all over. This can be because of poor dishwashing cleaning: water temperature too low, wrong type of detergent for your water type, not enough water or your dishwasher is due for a clean. Some suggest to rinse or pre-wash your dishes first before using the dishwasher for a cleaner wash. But that means inevitably you have to wash the dishes by hand.


5. Small spaces


Many apartments are on the small side in Asia. These apartments tend to come with small kitchens and not all small kitchens fit an average-sized dishwasher. You can purchase a micro or portable dishwasher if you want but they aren’t cheap. So with no dishwasher at home in parts of Asia, it becomes habit to wash up by hand right after meals.


When I was based in Singapore, the various apartments I lived in didn’t come with dishwashers. Interestingly enough they came with double bowl sinks – lots of space to wash dishes by hand.


6. Quiet time


In Australia, many workplaces have a kitchen where everyone can prep food and eat throughout the day. All the places I’ve worked (big offices) had a dishwasher in the kitchen.


Not all of us like doing chores and many of us take turns doing chores at home. Traditionally washing the dishes and any chores is seen as a ‘woman’s job’ and men aren’t expected to help around the house (thankfully today this mindset is changing).


Do you use the dishwasher at home?